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Рунг Э. В. Афины и Персия: первые контакты //Античный мир и археология. 2009. Т. 13, вып. 13. С. 3-9.

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Афины и Персия: первые контакты

Рунг Эдуард Валерьевич, Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет

The article is devoted to the consideration of Herodotus V. 73 about first Athenian Embassy to the Persians on the eve of the democratic reforms of Cleisthenes in Athens of 508/7 B. C. Some popular historiography’s «myths» relating to this event are dismissed in this article. The first «myth» concerns the decisive role of Cleisthenes in the organizing this Embassy. The second «myth» is that the Athenian-Persian treaty actually has been concluded on the condition of giving «the earth and the water» as the signs of subjugation to Darius I. It may be concluded that the Athenian diplomatic mission to Asia of 508/7 B. C. had not resulted nor in the subjugation of Athenians to the Persians nor the establishment of alliance with them, but led to the state of uncertainty which was finished only with the next Athenian mission to Asia of ca. 500 B. C. The Artaphernes’ demand to restore Hippius son of Peisistratus as the Persian vassal-tyrant in Athens prompted the Athenians’ decision to give the military support to the Ionian Revolt of 500—494 B. C. and resulted in the first crisis in the Athenian-Persian foreign relations.

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