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??? «Морская программа» Филиппа V в 220–214 гг. до н. э. //Античный мир и археология. 2009. Т. 13, вып. 13. С. 85-91.

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«Морская программа» Филиппа V в 220–214 гг. до н. э.


The fleet of Macedonia never was so strong, as land forces, except for a short period of the reign of Antigonus Gonatus. During the Social War Philip attempted to carry out sea operations, the purpose of which was creation of sea bases on the western coast of Greece. However, realization of the marine goals has occupied a long period of time as it required considerable financing. Besides, the king of Macedonia had no opportunity to be engaged only with restoration of the sea forces of Macedonia. In 214 B. C. the international situation changed, Roman help to Apollonia put an end to Philip’s «sea program» in the western waters.

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