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??? Разгром Ферма в 218 г. до н. э.: упадок нравов или экономический расчет? //Античный мир и археология. 2010. Т. 14, вып. 14. С. 94-104.

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Разгром Ферма в 218 г. до н. э.: упадок нравов или экономический расчет?


During Allied War of 220-217 B. C. macedonian king Phillip V has intruded in Aetolia and has crushed Farms — centre of Aetolian federation. Were ruined outskirts the Farm, plundered at home, arsons of temple structures, porticoes are organized, statues are broken. Polybius results the official justification to such behavior — revenge for ruin aetolians sanctuaries in Dione and Dodona. Actions of macedonians are not the certificate of falling of religiousness of the population. For Phillip route the Farm was not the certificate of blasphemy against Apollo, he has struck on the federal centre of the enemy. The basic purpose of intrusion was drawing a heavy loss to the budget of aetolians. In some years after end of Allied war economic consequences of route the Farm have resulted to disturbances inside Aetolia and to its defeat in following, the first roman-macedonian war.

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