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Химин М. Н. Знал ли Гомер сказание о Неоптолеме? //Античный мир и археология. 2013. Т. 16, вып. 16. С. 3-10.

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Знал ли Гомер сказание о Неоптолеме?

Химин Михаил Николаевич, независимый исследователь

There is one passage in the Iliad, mentioning Neoptolemos (XIX.326-327). However some authors, including Martin L. West, consider it to be a late insertion and suppose that Homer was not aware of the story about this hero. But an analysis of a few other passages from the epic (IX.667-668, XXII.66-71, XXIV.764-767) allows us to make the opposite conclusion: tradition about Neoptolemos indeed appeared before the Iliad.

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