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Jeneral Information


1.1. The interuniversity collection of scientific papers “Ancient World and Archaeology” is published every 2 years and accepts for publication general theoretical, methodological, debatable, critical articles, the results of research in the field of ancient history, classical archaeology, source studies and historiography, reviews and chronicle.

1.2. Aims & Scope

The mail aim of the journal is to highlight the results of modern scientific research in the field of ancient history, classical archaeology, source studies and historiography, contributing to the development of research and educational activities.

The objectives of the journal are:

• publication of original general theoretical, methodological, debatable, critical scientific articles containing new results on ancient history, classical archaeology, historiography and source studies in Russian, English, French and German.
• publication of scientific reviews and reviews corresponding to the subject of the journal;
• publication of reports on conferences, seminars and other relevant events of scientific life;
• publication of materials for anniversaries, congratulations, etc.;
• publication of comments and translations of ancient sources.

1.3. Compliance of the journal headings with the Nomenclature of scientific specialties for which academic degrees are awarded:

07.00.03 – World history (ancient world);

07.00.06 – Archaeology (classical archaeology);

07.00.09 – Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research;

07.00.15 – History of international relations and foreign policy.

1.4. The main language of publications is Russian, articles in English, French and German are published in agreement with the editorial board of the collection.

1.5. Articles written by Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, graduate students, applicants are accepted for consideration.

The Journal does not consider articles:

• of an exclusively overview nature;

• previously published;

• accepted for publication in other journals.

1.6. The volume of articles should be 20-40 thousand characters with a one and a half interval and contain up to 10 figures and 5 tables, the volume of reviews and messages - 10-20 thousand characters and up to 2 figures. Articles and reviews of a larger volume are accepted only in agreement with the editorial board of the collection.

1.7. The article should be designed strictly in accordance with the rules and carefully edited.

1.8. The text of the article in MS Word format for Windows can be sent to: At the same time, the file must preserve the structure of the material submission (see Guidelines for Authors).

1.9. All articles are reviewed for originality before being sent for review, which is carried out by the editorial board of the journal, in the textborrowing system RUKONText (

1.10. Articles are reviewed (see the Peer Review Procedure) and then the editorial board decides on the possibility of their publication in the collection. In case of a positive decision, the article is subject to scientific and control editing.

1.11. The article sent to the author for revision should be returned in corrected form as soon as possible. An article delayed for more than three months is considered as newly received. The revised manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the authors containing answers to all comments and explaining all the changes made to the article. The return of the article for revision does not mean that the article will be published, after processing it will be reviewed again.

1.12. The author of the article accepted for publication, simultaneously with the decision of the editorial board, is sent a license agreement, 2 copies. which the author signs and sends to: Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 83 Astrakhanskaya Street, Saratov, 410012, for S.Y. Monakhov. After signing the contract at the university, 1 copy is returned to the author.

1.13. The date of receipt of the article is the date of receipt of its final version.

1.14. Publications are free of charge.

1.15. E-version of the journal is Open Access. The content is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0).

1.16. Digital archiving policy.

In order to ensure the preservation, usability and accessibility of the journal content (journal and article metadata, the full texts of the articles) for long term availability the following systems are used:

- on the title server (Archive); 

- at the electronic library systems and Cyberleninka, where an advanced search can be carried out by journal articles (by keywords, author, title, section).

Self-archiving. Authors are allowed to archive preprints and postprints of their works. After publication, the authors may place their works on the Internet (for example, in the repository of a working organization or a personal website).