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Abramzon Mikhail Grigorievich (Magnitogorsk, Russia) - Dr. (Hab. History), Director of the Research Institute of Historical Anthropology and Philology, Professor of the Department of General History of the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University.
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ResearcherID: K-8805-2017
Bruyako Igor Viktorovich (Odessa, Ukraine) – Dr. (Hab. History), director of the Odessa archaeological museum of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine.
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Ivantchik Askold Igorevich (Moscow, Russia) – Dr. (Hab. History), corresponding member of the RAS, scientific director of the Department for the Study of Ancient Civilizations, chief researcher of the Institute of World History of the RAS, head of the Centre of Classical and Oriental Archaeology of the Institute of Classical East and Antiquity of the HSE University, professor of Moscow State University, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Ancient History.
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ResearcherID: R-5009-2016​
Podosinov Alexander Vasilievich (Moscow, Russia) – Dr. (Hab. History), professor of the Center of Antiquity of the Institute for oriental and classical studies of the Russian State University for the humanities, chief researcher of the Institute of World History of the RAS, head of the Department of Ancient Languages of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University.
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Safronov Aleksandr Vladimirovich (Moscow, Russia) – PhD (History), senior researcher of the Department of History and Culture of the Ancient East of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the RAS, member of the editorial board of the journal “Orientalistica”.

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Smekalova Tat'yana Nikolayevna (Simferopol, Russia) – Dr. (Hab. History), head of the Department of natural science methods in the archeology of the Crimea of the Research Center for the History and Archeology of the Crimea.
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Stoyanov Totko (Sofia, Bulgaria) –  Dr. (Hab. History), associate professor of Faculty of History of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
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Tunkina Irina Vladimirovna (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – Dr. (Hab. History), corresponding-member of the RAS, director of St. Petersburg Branch of the Archive of the RAS.
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ResearcherID: AAO-4299-2020

Tzochev Chavdar (Athens, Greece) – PhD, IT Officer of the British School at Athens.

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Zavoykin Alexey Andreyevich (Moscow, Russia) – Dr. (Hab. History), leading researcher at the Department of classical archaeology of Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 
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