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Was there a ruler? Reflections on certain Aspects of the Career and Politics of the Triumvir M. Antony

The article is devoted to the consideration of the nature of the policy and political goals of the triumvir M. Antony. First of all, it is noted that he came from a family that did not have any political influence, or connections, whose members were involved in a number of scandals. Until Caesar's death, Antony was only the executor of his orders. After the death of the dictator, he became one of the leaders of the Caesarians, but he had no other support than the army. In 42–30 BC.

The second “Philippic” of Cicero and the image of Mark Antony in the ancient authors works

The article examines the influence of Cicero’s second “Philippic” on the formation of the image of Mark Antony in the writings of ancient authors, primarily Plutarch. On the one hand, Cicero’s pamphlet provided rich material for the characterization of Antony’s personal qualities, which was widely used in the later sources.