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меотская культура

Два типа чернолаковых чаш из меотских погребений правобережья Кубани

Работа посвящена двум редким типам чернолаковых сосудов для питья вина. Единичными находками здесь представлены чаши типа stemless. Целая чашечка маленьких размеров (small), вероятно неаттического производства, происходит из погребения первой половины V в. до н.э. могильника Старокорсунского городища № 2.

Small black-glazed vessels for food service from Maeotian burial grounds at the Right Banks of the Kuban River

The paper analyses small black-glazed vessels for food service. There are saltcellars, small bowls and stemmed dish. There are not only whole vessels, but the bottom part, which were used as small cups. Most of vessels were found in the burial grounds Prikubansky and Lebedy III. Chronology of graves with black-glazed pottery based on amphora containers of different Mediterranean centers and in hole limited IV cent. BC.

The Burials with Rhodian Amphorae from Meotian Burial Grounds of the Krasnodar Group

In the burial grounds of the Maeotian hill-forts, located on the Right Bank of the Kuban River, often found Rhodian amphorae. Reliably documented material was obtained as a result of long-term excavations of the burial grounds Starokorsunskaya № 2 and Lenin № 3 hill-forts, which belong to the Krasnodar group of the monuments. Now, there are 14 burials with stamped Rhodian amphorae of the different types and variants.