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Red-figured and black-glazed pottery from kurgan 2 of the kurgan group «Tsementnaya slobodka I»

During the study of the necropolis «Tsementnaya Slobodka I» on Ak-Burun Cape in the burial mound 2 the remnants of the funeral feast were found. It was seventeen attic red-figured and black-glazed vessels dated back to the 4th century BC. Fish-plate of Pierides painter and lekythos Talcott class, which were very rare for the Northern Black Sea Region, as well as red-figure pelike and ascos, were among them.

Stone Weights from Gorgippia

Two stone weights, which are large rounded stones (pebbles) with signs applied to them, found in archaeological excavation of Gorgippia Weights belong to the Hellenistic time. The first weight with the inscription ΤΡΕΙΣ (three) weighing 1 518 g corresponds to three mines of the Persian weight system. The second weigh weighing 5 730 g has a sign Μ (40), indicating the weight of fortythirds of the mines of the Euboean-Attic weight system.

To the Question of the Duration of Use of Black-Glazed Tableware (on Materials from Panticapaeum and Tanais)

Despite of the existence of closed complexes, which include earlier Black-Glazed pottery, it is considered that with rare exceptions, the time of existence of Black-Glazed products is limited to a short period. If the interval between the production of such vassals and their delivery to the consumer really cannot be significant, the duration of the use of vessels depends on several factors.

Playful scene on vase from Panticapaeum

In paper publishes the fragment of black-figured cup founded in excavations on Panticapaeum, which represents the comos of the nymph and silenos. The Inscription of Vase-Painter following this scene say “chick”.