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A phoenician τράπεζα in Panticapaeum?

The paper proposes to read in the graffito on the attic black-glazed kylix founded in Kertch at 2017 – yod, beth, and shin: 12 sh(iglu), i.e. a bank receipt the bearer of which was supposed to get this money from the Phoenician trapezites in Panticapaeum. Also, the author analyzes the archaeological, and literary data reflecting the business relations between Phoenicia and the North Shore of the Black Sea from the beginning of VIIth century BC.

Bilateral Inscription from the Stanitsa Nedvigovskaya. Tanais, Tanaitai, emporium and Emporium in Written Sources

The paper publishes the bilateral Greek inscription occasionally found in Nedvigovka village on Don Estuary at late 1980 years. Her reverse side presents the dating formula from the period of bosporan King Tiberius Julius Eupator with new court post of ὁ ἐπὶ τῶν Ταναειτῶν τῶν κατὰ Βόσπορον. The avers side preserved some little fragments of name’s list from the time of bosporan King Sauromates I. Besides many corrigenda to interpretation of toponyms Tanais and Emporion, to reconstruction & notion of before published inscriptions are proposed.