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Личные имена на херсонесских монетах и керамических клеймах: опыт сравнения

Должность монетного магистрата исполнялась в течение одного года, его имя отображалось в легенде монеты. Точно также надзирали за керамическим производством херсонесские астиномы (иногда агораномы). Безусловно, за выпуском монеты наблюдали не астиномы. Тем не менее, политический слой полиса составляли одни и те же люди. Многие из них за свою политическую карьеру могли быть и монетными магистратами и астиномами.

Roman republican Coins from archaeological excavations of the Sanctuary near the Pass Gurzufskoe Sedlo in the Mountain Crimea

The article describes the characteristics of 35 Roman republican and Roman provincial silver coins II-I cent BC found during archaeological excavations of the sanctuary near the pass Gurzufskoe Sedlo in 1981–1993 at Mountain Crimea. Coins refer to the chronological periods of the Mithridates' Wars, the first triumvirate, the dictatorship of Julius Caesar, the second triumvirate, the reign of Octavian.

On Athens` Coinage at the End of the Archaic Period (A Historical Context of Transition from Wappenmünzen to “Owls”)

The article deals with the fate of the first Athenian coinage (coins known under the conventional name of Wappenmünzen) at its latest stage, when there took place a transition to coins of principally new type (“head of Athena – owl”, ΑΘΕ), which later became so glorious. The author connects the transition mentioned with the fall of tyranny in 510 BC and dates a little earlier beginning of Wappenmünzen tetradrachms issuing to 514–513 BC, while correlating it with such events as the tyrants Hippias’ clash with aristocrats and hardening of his policies.