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Buiskikh A. V. Levantine Import in Borysthenes. Ancient World and Archaeology, 2017, vol. 18, iss. 18, pp. 193-205. DOI:, EDN: YLCLMY

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Levantine Import in Borysthenes

Buiskikh Alla Valerievna, Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ceramic assemblage from Borysthenes (excavations conducted by V. Lapin, 1960-1980) contains a number of unusual and rare imports – fragments of trading amphoras fabricated at Cyprus and at the numerous cites at Levantine coast. Import from Cyprus is attributed by fragments of two massive and high rounded handles and one rounded base attributed with so called basket-handle amphoras. The parts of some similar amphoras were excavated in Borysthenes in the later times. Import from Levantine coast is represented by four upper parts of jars with small twisted handles and carinated shoulders. This specific type of trading amphoras (Phoenician amphoras) in Borythenes’ ceramic collection is attested for the first time. Their common dating covers the second half of 7th – the very beginning of 6th c. BCE. Studying of these unusual imports for the entire Pontic region provokes a number of questions connected with general problem of Mediterranean sea trade in the archaic period. For Borysthenes it’s an actual question about the presence of direct trading connections with the South-Eastern part of Mediterranean or the use of middle traders and middle ports of trade. The role of Levantine production in the trade via Aegean is not clear yet. Borysthenes emporion opens a new topic for discussion about its role in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea trade, common organisation of this trade and the final customers of wine production, distributed in trading amphoras.


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