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On the Use of Foreign Historical Examples (exempla) in Cicero`s Judicial and Political Speeches

The historical examples (exempla) are used very widely in quite different genres of Roman literature, including speeches. The focus of research is usually on Roman examples, whereas external historical examples are not yet sufficiently have found it examined. The aim of this essay is to deal with the cases of the use of so-called "external" historical examples in the judicial and political speeches of Cicero and to determine their functions.

Sulla, a Republican Tyrant?

The article is devoted to some episodes of Sulla’s rule, namely the beginning of proscriptions, his triumph over Mithridates VI Eupator, alleged Sulla’s self-representation as second Romulus and the criticism of the dictator by Cicero in his speech for Roscius Amerinus. The author focuses on to the adoption of lex Cornelia de proscriptione by comitia without its approval by Senate.

The second “Philippic” of Cicero and the image of Mark Antony in the ancient authors works

The article examines the influence of Cicero’s second “Philippic” on the formation of the image of Mark Antony in the writings of ancient authors, primarily Plutarch. On the one hand, Cicero’s pamphlet provided rich material for the characterization of Antony’s personal qualities, which was widely used in the later sources.