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Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Sulla and Metella: Love and Politics

The marriage of Sulla and Caecilia Metella and his political background are analyzed in the article. Their marriage testified to the appearance of the new political faction (Sulla, Metellus Pius, Pompey Rufus), which replaced factio Metellana (it disappeared in the end of 90s BC). Evidently, Sulla wasn’t a Metellan protégé – more probably there was equitable partnership between him and Metelli whose influence weakened by the time.

Sulla, a Republican Tyrant?

The article is devoted to some episodes of Sulla’s rule, namely the beginning of proscriptions, his triumph over Mithridates VI Eupator, alleged Sulla’s self-representation as second Romulus and the criticism of the dictator by Cicero in his speech for Roscius Amerinus. The author focuses on to the adoption of lex Cornelia de proscriptione by comitia without its approval by Senate.

On the beginning of sullan proscriptions

The article is devoted to the question whether a wave of uncontrol­led murders preceded and caused Sullan proscriptions. In modern scholarship these proscriptions are often considered as an instrument that should have cur­bed the bloody chaos, though some authors believe this plan failed.