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Трактовка понятий «традиционализм» и «республиканизм» в современной историографии в связи с формированием официальной идеологии раннего Принципата в эпоху императора Августа


The article is devoted to interpretation of “republicanism” and “traditionalism” in the historiography. Modern researchers don’t see a special difference between “traditionalism” and “republicanism” and correlate them with aristocratic values of the senate supporters, natives of the upper classes. However, according to the author, “republicanism” and “traditionalism” can’t be synonyms as the latter was the basis for outlook of all Roman society, regardless of citizens’ estate belonging or political convictions. “Traditionalism”, as aggregate of Roman “polis” representations, was the basis for “republicanism” and political propaganda of populares, and each of them could become the source for formation of the official ideology of early Principate. Therefore it’s necessary to differentiate between “traditional” and “republican” tendencies because their displacement may result in misunderstanding intentions and final aims which some Roman political figures put before themselves.

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