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Комплекс амфорной тары из Капуловки (находки 2011 года)


In 2011 on the Scythian settlement – Kapulovka (Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine) the hole complex with big quantity Scythian and Greek ceramics was found. From fragments of antique ceramics three ungventarii, the Mediterranean amphora of “the circle of Thasos”, two amphoras of Heracleia Pontica with brands of “late” manufacturers, Dionysios II and Eratonos, the top part of a Chersonesian amphora with the stamp of Sokritos the astinomus and a Thasian stamp of “late group” of Skymnos I the magistrate are restored.

The analysis of antique ceramics from Kapulovka allows to make a conclusion that the complex contains relatives on the time of the production of the vessels. Amphoras and ungventarii are dated by the 80th years of the III century BC. This complex has the special value for specification of relative and absolute chronology of stamps of Heracleia Pontica, Chersonesos and Thasos.

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