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Время в сочинениях Саллюстия

Korolenkov Anton Viktorovich, State Academic University for the Humanities

The paper deals with Sallust’s perception of historical time. Sallust recognizes that ancestors’ times were better than current period, but, nevertheless, doesn’t deny progressive trends in development from past to present and notes many eventual changes to the best in course of history. Evolution of human characters, according to Sallust, does not go only to the worst too (contrary to opinion of some specialists on Sallust’s concepts). The author agrees with K. Heldmann who thinks that “Golden Age” for Sallust belongs not to mythical but to historical times, and the very aurea aetas as Yu. G. Chernyshov notes, is absent in Sallust’s texts. Sallust recognizes importance of historical memory, and (as J. Grethlain has shown), thinks that loss of this memory conducts to bad consequences for Rome. But, however, Sallust himself prefers not to tell about glories of the past but to convict defects of the present. Developing D. S. Leven’s views, the author shows that Sallust’s narration refers both to the past, and to the future.

 Sallust thinks it necessary to keep principle “festina lente” in civil affairs but to be quick at war. By the way, he imperceptibly, but systematically (sometimes going even on some distortion of reality) lets know that night is “time of harm” whereas good deeds are made by the light of day.

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