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Великая греческая колонизация: экономические и политические мотивы (на примере ранней колонизационной деятельности Афин)

Greek colonization of the Archaic period was conditioned by a number of various prerequisites. Usually, scholars put in the foreground those causes of colonizing activities, which are of economic character, such as acquisition of new territories in order to rid of surplus population, or trading interests. The author of the article attempts to demonstrate, that of no less importance were causes of political character.

Архаические торговые амфоры из Милета: предварительное сообщение

The excavations conducted by V. von Graeve at Kalabaktepe from 1985 to 1993 have produced a large quantity of sherds belonging to trade amphorae. According to the stratigraphic sequence elaborated by R. Senff for Miletus it is possible to establish the chronology of these finds. In the years 1989–1993, 3924 sherds of Milesian trade amphoras were found, dating from the end of 8th-beginning of 7th century BC to the 5th century BC.

Боевые слоны в карфагенских армиях

For the first time Carthaginians had seen the war elephants on Sicily during the war against Pyrrhus. After that they had made war elephants’ divisions, which Carthaginians had being caught on the Atlas mountain foot. This threatening form of armament they had used during the conquering of Spain and against Romans during Punic wars. With their help Carthaginians had broken through the Roman formation in the Battle of Tunes in 256 BC, and Hannibal could carry them out over Rhone and Alps.

Христианские храмы в языческих святилищах (к вопросу об утверждении христианства в Малой Азии)

The article is dedicated to the research of the topography of ancient Christian churches. Basing on the written sources and the observation of the ancient sites, the author marks out eight types of location of the churches during the period of Christianization of the Roman Empire. After the edict of the emperor Theodosius of 392, the Christians started using pagan sanctuaries for their cults and ceremonies.