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Camulodunum colonia victricensis: рождение и гибель провинциального центра

Camulodunum was the first capital of Roman Britain. Today it is one of the well-known Roman-British towns. Recent excavations, a number of inscriptions and several passages by Tacitus and Dio shows that the earliest Roman Camulodunum was an imperial project. Roman authorities supposed that the town, which before 43 AD was a capital of “Eastern kingdom”, would become the centre of Britannia. When the legionary fortress of Camulodunum was abandoned, a civil settlement with status “colonia” of veterans was established.

Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis. Кельн – центр римской провинции Нижняя Германия

Im Artikel wurden wichtige Momente der Geschichte der rheinischen Metropolen in römischer Zeit beleuchtet. Die ursprüngliche Siedlung, oppidum Ubiorum, wurde in den ersten Jahren unserer Zeitrechnung gegründet. Die führende Rolle bei den Bauarbeiten übernahmen die römischen Legionäre. Der Autor befürwortet in seiner Argumentation, dass sich das Militärlager erst innerhalb der städtischen Festigungen befand. Dort befand sich auch ara Ubiorum (dann ara Germaniae?) — Zentrum des kaiserlichen Kultes.

Время в сочинениях Саллюстия

The paper deals with Sallust’s perception of historical time. Sallust recognizes that ancestors’ times were better than current period, but, nevertheless, doesn’t deny progressive trends in development from past to present and notes many eventual changes to the best in course of history. Evolution of human characters, according to Sallust, does not go only to the worst too (contrary to opinion of some specialists on Sallust’s concepts). The author agrees with K.

Легендарно-историческая традиция о роде Фабиев: новый взгляд

Literary sources about the warfare between Etruscans and the Roman gens of Fabii in 477 BC show that both groups acted like initiatory groups of youths, which were characteristic for many primitive peoples. Thus, Fabii performed plundering raids into the Etruscan territory and acted very quickly and cunningly. Then, during their last battle at the Cremera river they demostrated rage and frenzy resembling to those of German berserks.

У истоков фигуративного языка греческой вазописи. Пояснительная система знаков-символов

The article examines the transition of Greek art from the geometric style to figurative representation and the emergence of a special explanatory system of signs made up of geometrical signs that comment on the actions of stationary figures. The explanatory system evolves along with the graphic language. During the Orientalizing period and in the early black-and-white style, figures of animals serve as explanatory symbols.

Посвятительные надписи в сочинениях Геродота, Фукидида и Диодора

In this article, the use of dedicatory inscriptions in the historical works of Herodotus, Thucydides and Diodorus Siculus is discussed. Although dedicatory inscriptions are quoted unsystematically, their using is twofold: firstly, they are an argument in historical discussions; secondly, they are a structure element in historical writings as literary works.

Сон и смерть, тело и душа, Артемидор и Фрейд (заметки о некоторых специфических чертах античного греческого менталитета)

In the article, several mutually connected features of Ancient Greek mentality are dealt with on the material of various pieces of literary tradition. The Sleep (Hypnos) and the Death (Thanatos) are called brothers by Hesiod. Sleep is connected with dreams, and typical Greek dreams, to judge for instance from Artemidorus’ Oneirocritica, are in many cases rather unlike our modern dreams. If the latter have, according to Freud, a “censorial” function, in Greek dreams such a function was not highly developed.