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Некоторые проблемы истории древнегреческих городов в регионе Черноморских проливов

The paper consists of two notes. The first is devoted to foundation of cities on the Hellespont Strait in course of the Archaic Greek colonization. After considering facts connected with dates (when known) and circum­stances of foundations, the author offers some thoughts on the character of the process. He examines correlation and specificity of Aeolian and Ionian colonization in the region. If the Aeolians were interested first of all in the lands near the strait, the Ionian colonization here, as elsewhere, was a more complex phenomenon.

Античная традиция о посредниках и посредничестве в Древней Греции

The author focuses her attention on the main definitions of the Greek literary tradition for social mediators: καταρτιστήρ, διαλλακτήρ (διαλλακτή"), α’ισυμνήτη". Analyzing the evidence of the tradition the author makes an attempt to answer the following questions: to whom the ancient tradition applied these definitions, and respectively were they used as synonyms or not, what was the difference between their usage and what it could imply and upon what it could depend.

Знал ли Гомер сказание о Неоптолеме?

There is one passage in the Iliad, mentioning Neoptolemos (XIX.326-327). However some authors, including Martin L. West, consider it to be a late insertion and suppose that Homer was not aware of the story about this hero. But an analysis of a few other passages from the epic (IX.667-668, XXII.66-71, XXIV.764-767) allows us to make the opposite conclusion: tradition about Neoptolemos indeed appeared before the Iliad.